Oct_29_07 While I was gone last week several ZONERS sent me this photo of one of the top bucks shot so far in 2007, a potential world-record archery giant that was rumored to score anywhere from 200 to 220 points. Yesterday Jeff Lampe at the Prairie State Outdoors Website got to the bottom of the story, a portion of which I’ve excerpted below. Click here to read Jeff’s full and great report:

…the biggest rumor so far this bow season is not true. No, there is no new world record typical buck shot in southern Illinois. At least not yet, and certainly not the deer pictured above. Instead, the deer pictured above is a massive 11-pointer apparently killed by bowhunter Joel Eggers. Eggers shot the buck last week while hunting near Pinckneyville. For days now the buck has been the subject of intense Internet scrutiny, with several sources saying the deer had scored 206 inches….

But when the buck was scored on Thursday (Oct. 25, 2007) by an official measurer, the tale of the tape came up to 198 inches net. That’s green score, so there will probably be some shrinkage as the rack dries over the allotted 60-day mandatory drying period. When all is said and done, this will probably be a 196-197 inch buck. Yes that’s massive—probably the biggest typical shot with a bow this year in North America.

Hell of an animal! If anybody knows Joel Eggers, ask him to shoot me an email, I’d love to post more about his hunt for the monster.