Just In: Jay Gregory's 190" SPLITTER

Oct_12_07 Jay Gregory, host of The Wild Outdoors TV show on Outdoor Channel, posted this on his website:

This morning (Oct. 10) for the first time in 3 years I laid eyes on SPLITTER, a 6-yr.-old buck that I have sheds from and tons of cam pics of over the last 3 years. Until this morning I had never been fortunate enough to see the ghost in a hunting situation. At 9:10 this morning I shot him at 10 yards. An incredible animal. He grossed 190 5/8. Over 43 inches of mass, and 17 scorable points. There on the acorns!

Man, what a buck. I have contacted Jay and hope to post more details on this Midwest Monster soon. For now a few random thoughts:

  • Jay Gregory is the real deal, this guy has been killing incredible bucks with his bow on TV for 15 years now.
  • Remember my recent post about hunting bucks both AM and PM on the acorns? Try it this weekend.
  • The first substantial cold front rolled through the Midwest and into the East this week, dropping the temperature 20 to 50 degrees in places. As I have written many times, this temperature change jolts the big bucks and gets them up and moving. I have to believe the cool weather Wednesday AM played a big part in Jay's hunt for SPLITTER, and I will confirm that with him.
  • BTW, the cool temperatures--all the better with high pressure and light winds--are expected to hold from the Midwest to the East Coast this weekend. Grab your bow, go to your best stand and shoot a monster, the conditions are right for it. Good luck!