Oct_1_07 Mike: Here’s a picture of an early season buck shot by Michelle Young in central Kansas with an open-sighted .50 caliber muzzleloader. Michelle was sitting in a cedar tree row overlooking a CRP field when the buck came in for a drink on the hot evening of September 19. She watched the buck, a main-frame 10-point with stickers, for about 30 minutes, along with another buck that was taller and heavier, but he only had 3 points per side. “The bigger buck just looked too good when he was walking away, so when he turned broadside, I took the shot,” Michelle said.

Thought you would like to see that the gals can bring it to the house as well, especially the KS gals. Love the blog Mike, and your passion for hunting, take care, Andy Young

Thanks Andy, and Michelle awesome buck! If you read between the lines there is a hot tactic here. Michelle shot her buck at a water hole, and you might too with bow or muzzleoader over the next couple of weeks.

Click here and check the “US Drought Monitor.” If you hunt in a yellow to especially a red area in the Upper South or Mid-Atlantic, hunt smack on an isolated source of fresh water—spring-fed pond, stream pool, river shallow, etc.—and you will see deer.

BTW, the kids and gals are kicking butt so far this season, time for us he-man hunters to pick it up ya’ll 🙂