Oct_23_07 Twenty-two-year-old Casey Heine may well have already peaked as a bowhunter. But that’s only because of what the Beaver Dam, Wis., man accomplished on the evening of Sept. 28 when he arrowed the biggest deer of his life—a massive 35-point buck! It’s a feat that he will likely never repeat as few hunters ever get to even see, much less shoot, a buck with so many points.

Heine told the local Daily Citizen that he was close to being run off of his stand by mosquitoes that afternoon, but by 6:30 p.m. he had his eye on a doe and fawn that he hoped would step from nearby brush. Suddenly, he heard something running along the fence line that bordered a bean field near his stand.

“I knew it was a nice buck,” Heine told the paper. “However, I only glanced at the horns once or twice while it was running toward me.” The monster, with a 4-point, cut behind the hunter’s stand and was heading toward the marsh where the doe and fawn were when Heine bleated with his mouth.

The sound froze the big buck in a broadside pose, which gave the archer the shot he was looking for. He released the arrow and watched it strike home.

“I took my time and put the arrow right behind the front shoulder,” he told the Daily Citizen. The buck dashed 75 yards before leaping into a cluster of cattails. Then with night quickly falling, rather than risking bumping an animal that could be in its final minutes, Heine marked the blood trail and went home where he waited until the next morning to look for it. You can bet it was a long night of wondering for the young hunter, though the confidence in his shot no doubt made it easier to sleep.

At first light the next morning, Heine returned to find his trophy lying just 5 yards inside the cattails. The sight of it was a shock to him.

“I looked at the rack and couldn’t believe what I saw,” Heine told the reporter. “I didn’t even realize it was as big as it was.” The hunter admitted that had he realized the buck’s rack was as large and freakish as it was, he would have probably been too nervous to shoot!!!

Oct_23_07_2 It all just goes back to what Hanback has preached over the years: “You’ll know a buck’s a shooter when you see it. Once you realize it, don’t stare at the antlers. Focus on where you want to place your shot. You can count points later.”

Man, check that thing out. It has points, stickers, clubs, drops, a few splits, everything but a darn satellite dish up there!!! Congrats, Casey. —Doug Howlett, OL Deputy Editor