Nov_13_07 Mike:

I hunted this buck hard all last year and only saw him 3 times, but I just couldn’t make it happen. This year on Oct. 25 I saw him bedded with a doe, and I saw him again on the 27th feeding in a corn field about 100 yards from me with another buck and some does. It was about 45 minutes before dark in a 35 mph wind; I was surprised to see anything, let alone this guy. He came straight in to about 10 yards and I let the arrow fly. I thought it was a simple text book shot, it felt good. But when I looked at my arrow it was green not red. I replayed the shot in my head 100 times and realized the buck quartering to me. So I backed out and waited till morning, what a long night. I found him 200 yards away. He weighed 185 lbs. dressed and should score ok; he’s not a monster just a good buck, and I’m happy.

Chad, SW Michigan

Way to go Chad. A couple of great lessons here: One, you never know when and where a big buck will move, even in a full moon and 35 mph winds. Keep hunting hard. Also, smart to back out once you found your arrow covered in green; most of the time if you back out you’ll find a buck shot too far back within a few hundred yards. But if you push him, especially in the dark, you’re likely gonna lose him.