Nov_23_07 Hello Mike: Hope things are going well. Well, I know how much you like drop-tine bucks and here is an awesome old warrior of the North. The kid (Ballard Shearer) who shot this buck passed on a smaller 7X7, figuring it was a young deer. So that was cool and we hope that the young buck survives this winter and will be a monster next year.

As you can see from the photo, the weather has finally cooled off and the big boys are starting to move more. He shot this deer around 11:00 AM one morning. What a gagger, double drops baby!

Hope to see this big old double drop on your blog, but I imagine you are flooded with stuff right now. But hopefully there is always some room for your buddy Grant. Later friend.

I am happy for Ballard, but I am envious not once but twice–don’t know if I could hold it together and shoot straight if I saw double drop. Alas, it looks as if my drop-tine obsession will consume me for at least another year, as mostly I’ll be whacking and stacking does from now on. But, hell you never know. Check Grant’s Buck Paradise site for more photos of this gnarly buck and other giants that are falling down.