Nov_29_07 Hi Mike: This is Chad Moore from NW Ohio. I have a great buck story from my little cousin last week during the Ohio youth gun season and thought it would be great for the BBZ.

On the first day of the youth season (Nov.17) 11-year-old Nick Dangler was sitting with his Grandpa when a huge buck came by following a doe. Before he could shoot, the buck ran and was out of range. The next morning just after daylight, the same buck came up out of the creek bottom in almost the same spot as the day before. This time Nick was ready. The buck walked within 20 feet of Nick and turned broadside. He kept his cool and fired his 20-gauge. With one shot through the heart, the big deer ran only 20 yards and dropped.

This was Nick’s first buck ever and his second hunting season. He passed the hunter safety course in the fall of 2006.

When the buck was skinned, the slug was found and given to Nick. He and his family and many friends are extremely excited and proud of this Big Buck. The deer field-dressed over 200 lbs. and has at least 14 scoreable points. I don’t have any exact measurements yet, but it reportedly gross-scored in the 180s.

I didn’t measure it, but I will say in the 170s gross for sure. It has a double beam with a fork on the right side, and a matching double beam on the left side that was broken off! It also has a broken split brow tine on the right. Inside spread is 20” and long, thick main beams.

Thanks, Chad, for the great story…and congratulations, Nick, on your monster. What a gnarly animal, and great shot my man! I’m gonna send you a signed book and some other hunting stuff.

I don’t recall a year when so many kids (boys and girls) have shot so many giant bucks and other big animals across the country. Definitely a theme here, definitely great for our hunting!