Nov_12_07 While it seems that working for the state game department should give a person the inside track on where all the trophy bucks can be found, it doesn’t usually work that way. Vicki Mountz, head of information and education for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and a darn good hunter whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with when I was helping with the NWTF Convention in Columbus several years ago, may have trouble convincing others of that fact after she arrowed a 170-class 18-point buck in Franklin County the other week.

Mountz, who hunts with a crossbow in one of the state’s urban hunt zones, says she usually passes on average bucks to help thin out the number of does in the zone. When this monster strolled by, it was too much to hold back on.

“I think it will score somewhere between 160 and 180, but Dave Graham [state wildlife chief] thinks it might go 200,” Mountz told the Toledo Blade’s Steve Pollick. “Greg [her husband] and I tried to score it, and we came up with 179, but we’re not experts.”

The late October buck, which she shot at 9:45 a.m., tipped the scales at around 275 pounds. She missed a larger one a couple of years ago on the same property, which she has hunted for the past 14 years, so this year’s trophy is some good medicine for the sting from that long ago missed buck. -Doug Howlett