Nov_26_7_2 The day after I got home from my road trip, while I was resting up and whining and licking my wounds over not getting the SD 170” buck and, worse, not seeing the elusive drop tine for another year, CJ Davis sent me this:

While we were running around SD look what my boss, Greg Chevalier, clobbered up in Ontario with Border Country Outfitters. Greg saw the buck running through the trees, but all he could see was a glimpse of huge body and huge rack. After a bit a doe popped back out of the trees and the giant buck followed her. At 100 yards Greg dropped him with a .325 (Winchester Supreme 200-grain Accubond bullet). When the buck hit the ground, another buck walked over and smelled him, then looked at the doe and took off after her. You gotta love the rut man! Living in Oregon Greg doesn’t get to hunt whitetails locally, but he always makes it a point to hunt them at least once or twice a year somewhere. This year it paid off for sure. The mass on this deer is amazing!

Wow… Next to a drop tine, it’s big, dark mass that revs my motor—a buck with bone that heavy is an old warrior, 5 or 6 plus, a real trophy whitetail. Great job Greg.