Nov_30_07 I am absolutely swamped with big-buck photos and stories ya’ll. Awesome! People are shooting monsters across this great land with gun and bow, like this 195-inch typical titan shot in Iowa (where else?) earlier this week—go check it out at Is that one great whitetail or what?

Thanks for your amazing support and the submissions. I’ll post as many as I can, though it will take me a while. Keep the pictures and blogs coming. Hell, can’t ever get too much big-buck stuff 🙂

I also have a huge backlog of hunting questions that I am chipping away at. I’ll try to answer every one eventually, though it will take me weeks. Just gave Kenny some advice today:

Hello Mike: The other night I was walking out of a field and saw a nice buck. I shot and missed with my rifle. The deer ran off and showed no signs of being hit (we found no blood). This is twice I’ve seen this buck in the same field. Have I blown this spot? Will this buck stay away for a while?

Kenny: The buck will not leave his core range, but you likely drove him underground for awhile (to thick cover in a sub-core area maybe 50 to 100 acres away, maybe a little farther…and he’ll move at night). The less you tromped around in the nearby woods and disturbed the joint looking for blood after you shot the other night the better. I’d give the field a few days to cool off, then I’d go right back in. Heck, you probably don’t have that many days left to hunt, so go for it man. Try setting up where you can see the thickest cover in the edge of the woods near that field. You might get lucky and get another crack at the buck, especially if he’s still rutting a bit and looking for one last hot doe. Good luck!

And good luck to all ZONERS on the hunt this weekend. Remember to tell the Old Lady (or Old Man), “Sorry baby, Hanback says I gotta get the hell out in the woods, still lots of time to shoot a big one.”