Dec_3_07 Hey Mike: Thought you might want to

see this deer that I killed with a black-powder rifle on Wednesday, November 28. 160-yard shot. He gross-scored 213-3/8 NT; 3 main beams on his left side totaled over 67″ alone. And look, he even has a few little drop tines! Hope you enjoy the pics; the second one shows off his points pretty well. Thanks, Greg

Awesome buck Greg and great shot. But you’re killing meGregksblackpowder_213_giant_2 with those little drop tines man, LOL…way to go…BTW, this is the second 3-beamed monster I’ve posted in the last week, a trend?…hmm, anybody else ever shot a 3-beamer?..I’ve shot one, up in Canada a few years back on a Realtree TV show, pretty gnarly and freaky, just the way we like them.