…an absolute monster stepped out of the timber and slowly began working its way toward my stand. At this point, I was feeling a lot better about my decision and was praying there would be enough shooting light to make the shot.

Slowly and methodically the buck walked into the middle of a cleared shooting lane just before dark. At full draw, I took a deep breath before squeezing the release and sending an arrow right for the kill zone. A loud smack broke the evening silence and the buck immediately kicked out its hind legs from the impact of the shot. I watched this long-tined giant crash within 20 yards of my stand ending my hunt in Missouri.

Patience and being able to pass on several bucks that would have scored in 130’s enabled me to take a true trophy. The buck had a perfect 10 point rack with G3’s that measured well over 13 inches and scored in the high 150’s. I guess sometimes a gamble really does pay off! However, if you want to tag wall-hanger bucks you have to take chances and you better be prepared to go home empty handed on occasion. — Travis Faulkner