It was on the second day of the hunt, in the evening, when the 11-point bruiser strolled into the food plot offering Denham a shot. Denham, who primarily spends his autumn time chasing elk and mule deer across the Rockies, was ecstatic at the chance to take his first whitetail. Little did he know, it probably ruined him on whitetails as it could take a good while to repeat such a success.

As for all the Northern guys saying things before my trip like, “Oh, you’re going down there to chase those little deer,” even though every one of them would have rather been down there with me instead of in the office, there was nothing “little” about Denham’s buck. Besides the massive 11-point rack, the deer tipped the scales at nearly 200 pounds. That’s a big deer no matter where you are and just goes to prove that with the right management approach, virtually anyone can grow huge bucks.

If any of you are hunting that rut down there now, let us know how it’s going, especially for us guys who have to wait until next season for another rut! —Doug Howlett