DeaddownwindUnfortunately, Dunaway had his dream buck standing well within bow range, but the monster was facing his stand and staring directly at him. Dunaway was penned and unable to move as the buck stared at the hunter with extreme caution. About that time, as luck would have it, a horsefly landed right on the side of the spooky giant. The buck frantically bit at the annoying intruder and jumped in mid-air to rid itself of the fly. After all of the commotion, the buck immediately resumed staring at Dunaway in the stand making both him and the deer extremely nervous.

Things were looking pretty bleak for the hunter when all of a sudden the horsefly returned and landed on the deer once again. This time the monster kicked its hind legs up and tried to buck the fly off of its side. This allowed Dunaway to draw back his bow and the buck was now standing almost perfectly broadside within 20 yards of his stand.

Without hesitation, Dunaway released the arrow that would ultimately end his season in Kentucky with the biggest whitetail of his entire life. The buck gross scored 177 and netted 172 2/8 with 17 beautiful points covered in soft velvet. Who would have thought that a chance encounter with a horsefly would be the difference between tagging a buck of a lifetime and a mere story about a giant that got away? **--Travis Faulkner **