My friend Steve Creek, who writes and operates the great blog, The Shed Antler, features a submission today from a British Columbia shed antler hunter that definitely deserves attention.


Mike Burns, from northern BC writes: “These are the huge 3-point mule deer sheds I found on December 29, 2007 in northern British Columbia. They are (from) a 175-class buck, and I have never seen such a large 3 x 3.”

Neither have we, Mike. Man, talk about mass!

Burns writes that the main beams measure 27 inches, the G2s are 19 inches, the G3s are 8 4/8 inches and 10 1/8 long respectively, and the center of the bases are 5 inches around. He also notes the racks weigh 3 pounds each and he estimates they would have had about a 28 inch spread on the animal.

If you’re interested in shed hunting and everything about antlers, do yourself a favor and bookmark Steve’s fine site.–J.R. Absher