3e2 We all know that bucks with swelled necks and high testosterone levels can do some crazy things during the rut. Sometimes I think a buck would follow a hot doe right across a crowded Wal-Mart parking lot during broad daylight if the opportunity presented itself. The story I am about to tell you about the barbwire buck just goes to show that when the rut is on you better be where the does are.

The Kentucky gun season usually hits right around the rut and the bucks can really be on the move during this period. My cousin Tyler Faulkner and hunted hard for five consecutive days, but was unable to connect. Sunday evening Tyler called to say that he wanted needed to recuperate a bit before heading out to hunt again. I told him it only took one trip to make things happen and that he’d never tag a buck from the couch. About two minutes went by before Tyler called and said he had changed his mind and was ready to go.

Just before dark that evening, Tyler caught a glimpse of three does easing down a long wooded ridge and into an open coal strip. Next, he heard a series of muffled tending grunts and deer crashing through the dry leaves. A doe busted out of the wood line with a giant buck right on her tail. Tyler was amazed by the buck’s odd looking rack that was covered with some type of shiny silver material. Without hesitation, he quickly settled his crosshairs on the buck’s shoulder and squeezed the trigger ending a hard five-day hunt. The massive 10-point buck scored around 160 and its rack was completely entangled with barbwire. With no farmland or fences in the surrounding area we are still unable to determine exactly where the buck came from, which proves that during the rut a hot doe may pull in a giant from anywhere.

—Travis Faulkner