You’ve just got to hear this one.

Dateline: Indiana.

My good friend Phillip Vanderpool of Hunter’s Specialties sent me this email a few days ago along with a short summary of how the hunt unfolded as told to him. I have not been able to track down the hunter or verify the story, but the buck in the picture is worth taking a look at nonetheless. According to the email, this heavy-tined bruiser green scored around 230 and as you can see has unbelievable mass. I don’t know about you guys, but I would definitely let this bad boy ride in the back of my truck. Backyard_2

The story goes that the hunter was coming out of the woods after a short morning hunt on his grandfather’s property when he came across an amazing sight. The biggest buck he had ever encountered was engaged in a fierce battle with a concrete buck statue that was placed in the yard for decoration. The hunter was able to close the distance on the fired-up buck that was going head to head with the iron-tough yard ornament. Well within bow range, the hunter takes a quick shot, but makes a non-lethal hit.

Immediately, the deer jumps after the impact of the shot and runs off about 50 yards. At this point, the poor buck was pretty confused about what had just gone down and decided the yard ornament had caused his distress.

So, the rut-crazed warrior made a heroic charge at its opponent giving the hunter a chance to knock another arrow and make a lethal shot. I am going to try to find out more about this highly unusual hunt and I will keep all of you posted. In addition, let me know if any of you have heard anything about this story. Even if the story is wrong, it is still one heck of a buck to look at. If it actually happened this way, I guess you can say that this bruiser finally met its match and messed with the wrong buck.

—Travis Faulkner