It can be extremely tough for a workingman to spend the time in the woods needed to connect with a monster buck. Sometimes a hunter just gets lucky and is at the right place at the right time. However, I would much rather make my own luck and put the time in that it takes to tag a giant. To me scouting and trying to pattern a crafty buck is what makes deer hunting so addictive and challenging. Dedication and discipline is exactly what it took for police officer Jason Harvison of Tennessee to finally get a shot at a buck he had spent two solid years scouting and hunting. Scoutingpaysoff2

After countless hours spent glassing the buck during the summer months and hundreds of trail camera photos, Harvison finally arrowed this monster during the opening weekend of the Tennessee archery season. Harvison’ dream buck boasted a 25-inch inside spread with 10 points and gross scored around 160. At the conclusion of the hunt, Harvison left the woods with mixed feelings.

“Over a period of time, I had developed a personal relationship with this deer,” says Harvison. “I had spent hours in the field scouting, studying and hunting this one deer. All of the hard work, time and effort of pursuing this buck had now come to an end. As I stood over the biggest buck I had ever taken, I was completely overwhelmed with mixed emotions because the hunt had finally come to an end.”

Any true deer hunter knows exactly what Harvison is talking about and has experienced that same feeling. The hard work scouting, moving tree stands and overall challenge is what gets a workingman out of bed even earlier on Saturday morning to hunt. There is no other feeling like finally taking a buck that you have sacrificed for and have put so much of yourself into the hunt. Congratulations Jason on a remarkable story and a phenomenal buck. Remember, if you want to consistently tag big bucks then you have to pay your dues, which means intensely scouting big bucks.

—Travis Faulkner