Nowadays, it’s just hard to make ends meet. As working men, we just can’t pick and choose our days in the woods. When we do get the chance to hunt, we’ve got to stick it out and hunt no matter the conditions. This diehard mentality is exactly what makes for a good deer hunter and this type of dedication is most often rewarded. Ohio native Brian Martin knows exactly is a living example of the work/hunt ethic and taking advantage of every waking second allowed him to hang a tag on an absolute monster last season. Bbzblog

You see, Martin had to work during the first two days of the Ohio shotgun season. When he was finally able to break free from work, he drove like a mad man to deer camp. Martin didn’t waste any time settling in and he immediately headed to a treestand that he had been saving all season long for a quick evening hunt. However, the wind kept swirling and changing directions forcing him to leave the stand to prevent educating a mature buck in the area. Instead of throwing in the towel, Martin decided to make the best out of the situation by stillhunting his way back to camp.

As Martin crested a point of timber, he heard deer grunting and crashing through the leaves. All of a sudden, a doe busted out of the timber with two bucks hot on her trail. The second buck seemed to have points and trash sticking out everywhere on its massive rack. Quickly, Martin steadied his shotgun and squeezed off his first shot—barely missing the biggest buck he had ever encountered. Without hesitation, he followed up the miss with a second and third shot that put the giant on the ground. This heavy-tined bruiser sported 16-points and scored just over 195. Just think if Martin had not taken advantage of every opportunity this remarkable hunt might have never taken place. Sometimes you just have to get out there and make something happen.

—Travis Faulkner