Jeff Lewis flagged me down at SHOT Show this week in Vegas to talk Caribou, but it wasn’t his guiding stories while trekking with clients at High Arctic Adventures that grabbed my attention. Instead, while flipping through his photo album I was immediately drawn to a photo of a potbellied whitetail buck in the back of a truck. Kayser1_3

Joining Jeff in the photo was his 13-year-old daughter Darien. The story is also a an attention-getter and took place at his home near Bangor, Maine. Jeff was in his treestand a half mile from the house when his young son called him and said he should be hunting at home because there was a big buck in the garden. Jeff rushed home to get a glimpse of the buck, but before he could set up a stalk the buck slipped back into the dense woods where Jeff couldn’t see 10 yards. The next day Darien joined Jeff in his box blind a half mile from the house on a six-degree morning. As shooting light came up Jeff saw the buck sneaking up behind the blind and at 65 yards he shot the giant with his .270.

“It sound like a moose crashing through the woods as it ran away,” Jeff said. When they bloodtrailed the buck Jeff was excited to find a heavyweight of a buck with monster brow tines of more than eight inches in length. The buck was a true northern giant with a field-dressed weight of 210 pounds with an estimated live weight of 270 pounds or more.

Congratulations Jeff and Darien.

-Mark Kayser