Bbzmon While biding my time in a booth at the 2008 Minnesota Deer and Turkey Expo, Bob Buresh stopped by to chat about hunting and in the process I commented on the 150-class 4×4 rack he was toting. It netted 148 2/8 inches as a clean 4×4 (or eight pointer for Easterners) and won him a deer-show award. It was his second bowkill ever in as many years of bowhunting Minnesota. That’s not the real story. In 2006 he arrowed and even better buck, his first, that grossed more than 187 inches with a net score of 179 4/8 inches. He tagged both on his brother’s farm and like many giants, the buck had access to deep woods for escape cover, plus had been seen in various locations across the property. The story gets better yet. His brother first saw the buck in 2004 and Buresh passed numerous bucks to tag the big buck during firearm season. At the end of the season he ate his tag, but that spring they found the right side of the buck giving them a firsthand look at the giant on the farm.Bbz2mon_2

In 2006 Buresh again ate his rifle tag, but had a close encounter during the muzzleloader season and actually missed the huge buck at 100 yards due to a quirky load characteristic affected by the 10-degree weather. Now, determined more than ever, Buresh used a combination of old-fashioned glassing and contemporary trail cameras to zero in on the buck. Plus, he took up bowhunting and purchased a Mathews Switchback for more opportunities to get the buck. On Oct. 29 Buresh’s luck changed and he tagged the giant buck after using an updated photo from a trail camera to reposition his ambush. What’s next for Buresh? With two bucks and one squirrel to his bowhunting credit, he just wants to continue acquiring bowhunting experience. Way to go!

-Mark Kayser