Let’s face it, hunters who work for a living are often hard-pressed to spend enough time in the woods when opening day rolls around. These are people who work to live, but live to hunt. I am talking about everyday hunters who hang their own stands, do their own scouting and have to make every second during the season count. Meet Ryan Peck. 278


Peck works as a soil conservation technician in Missouri and is a diehard bow hunter who spends every free minute in the woods setting trail cameras, hanging stands and hunting every weekend. Last season, Peck was able to capture a nice 10-point on one of his trail cameras and decided to go after this buck. Peck chose to hunt a stand located near a doe bedding area that had not been hunted that season. He was hunting a pinch point close to the area where the buck had showed up on the trail cam. His decision paid off when a high-racked 10-point walked past his stand offering a perfect shot.

The fatally hit buck bedded within sight of the stand, but Peck backed out and gave the deer plenty of time before recovering his trophy. This Missouri giant grossed 160 and was taken just before the opening of the state’s gun season. Since 2004 Peck has taken several nice bucks with his bow including one bruiser with a drop tine that measured well over eight inches long. There are a lot of hunters who occasionally take a big deer, but I am more impressed by the hunter who consistently tag bruisers on a regular basis. Congratulations Ryan Peck on an impressive string of trophy-class bucks.

—Travis Faulkner