Nothing gets my adrenalin pumping harder than drawing back on a heavy-tined giant with my bow. It’s this feeling that is so addictive for bowhunters. Exactly how do you think will you react when the buck of a lifetime steps out of your dreams and into a cleared shooting lane? Will you be able to control your nerves and hold your pin on the sweet spot when the moment of truth arrives? Bbzmon

Well, William Stann who goes by the nickname “Spook” came face to face with that very question last season in Kansas. Spook was scouting an area during the peak of rut with his cameraman trying to hang treestands before a morning hunt. With the rut cranked up, Spook had the foresight to grab his bow before heading out—a move that would change his life as a hunter forever. Shortly after leaving the vehicle, Spook and his cameraman LJ Planner spotted a monster buck cruising along the back of a CRP field. With the wind in their favor both hunters decided that stalking the buck was definitely an option.

Pulling off a successful stalk on a trophy-class buck alone is tough, but with two people the task seemed forboding. Slowly and methodically they finally reached the last place where the buck was seen and began glassing the area. Spook liked the location and decided to wait a few minutes before making another move and his decision paid off big. It wasn’t long before a nervous doe stepped out of an adjacent cedar thicket and began to look back over her shoulder. About that time, Spook’s dream buck stepped out of the thick entanglement and followed the doe right into bow range.

Without hesitation, the bowhunter rested his sight on the biggest buck he had ever encountered and made the shot of a lifetime. What makes this hunt even sweeter is the fact that it was all captured on film. In addition, Spook’s buck could possibly be the biggest whitetail deer ever taken with a bow on video. This amazing buck sported 23 points with impressive drop tines and scored 240. Congratulations Spook and LJ on a phenomenal hunt and one heck of a buck. By the way, you can checkout this hunt next fall on the Realtree Monster Buck series DVD.

—Travis Faulkner