Sw249donfosswithalock Twins Ron and Don Foss from Dearborn, Michigan, look like regular sport show vendors, but if you visit their booth you discover they have a unique passion: locked antlers. They collect locked antlers of all species, but focus on whitetails. The two were answering questions as fast as attendees could fire them during the 2008 Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo. Being an antler addict myself I couldn’t help, but stop and ogle at their display of locked antlers, owned by them and on loan for display by other Buckeye buck enthusiasts. Without question the pair that jumpstarts your imagination is a tangled and locked mess featuring a 206-inch non-typical with double drop tines, forever tangoing with a mainframe 10-point grossing in the 150s. The antler duo weren’t shy in letting folks know they were on the hunt for more locked sets regardless of the ungulate flavor. In addition, they are always searching for unusual racks, large racks and sheds, specifically those of chandelier size.

As eye-catching as the locked 206 non-typical was, they also have two unique sets of locked bucks. The majority of bucks lock up with all four antlers intertwined, but only three antlers lock the two unique sets and each feature a typical and non-typical locked union. Adding to the uniqueness is the fact that the one non-typical has a double main beam and the other non-typical has a triple main beam. The extra beams on each non-typical antler create the locking mechanism and essentially the addition of a fourth antler. The fact that the brothers have two sets such as this is mind boggling enough to encourage them to purchase Power Ball tickets on a regular basis.Sw248ronfossleftandd

How did they get into the antler business? In 1983 the pair joined to the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan as official scorers. Both are certified by Pope and Young, and Boone and Crockett. During show, hunters would stop by and ask them about antler measurements and their worth, and inevitably someone would say they were looking to get rid of a set. The pair obliged willing sellers with cash or a quick appraisal.

Are you in need of an antler appraisal or a quick sale? Call the Antler Busters. Don can be reached at (313) 565-6785 and Ron at (313) 277-3009. Set some time aside. They love to talk big bucks!