222d Hunting whitetails can be tough period, but trying to connect with a trophy class buck on video can put your hunting skills to the ultimate test. Having to deal with double the scent and noise and trying to hide two people in a tree can really add to the level of difficulty. The challenge has generated a lot of interest among hunters looking to film their own hunts. Currently, there are several hunting shows that share amateur videos and others that have hunter/cameraman teams that compete for cash and prizes. Today’s outdoor video equipment is very accessible and affordable for everyday hunters making it really easy to get started.

For example, the folks at the Campbell Outdoor Challenge currently offer outdoor video packages that have everything a hunter needs to film a hunt. In addition, they have just launched a new videoing circuit that contains over $100,000 in cash and prizes for video teams. The 2008 Circuit Challenge offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to possibly make a career out of doing what they love by hunting and videoing wild free-ranging game. Televised video competitions like these could also help spark an interest in hunting among young people who have never been introduced to the sport. I don’t know about you, but I like anything that helps promote hunting in a positive light.

This fall try filming your next hunt if you are looking for an added challenge or simply want to capture a hunting memory on video. You can check out more information about filming your own hunts and camera packages by visiting or by calling 1-877-384-DEER.

—Travis Faulkner