Bbz1 Sometimes hunters are unjustly labeled as bloodthirsty killers who are inhumane and only looking for a cheap thrill. People who buy into this crackpot theory honestly believe nature and the outdoors are just like the animated cartoons from Disney and that hunting is an unnecessary act that should stay in our past with no place in the future. Anti-hunting organizations are very vocal and often utilize the media to push their inaccurate viewpoints while whining and complaining about just how bad hunters really are for wildlife in general. These groups fail to mention that money generated from selling hunting equipment and license is used to manage wildlife and are responsible for re-introduction stocking programs that ensure healthy populations of animals across the nation.

Bbz2 In reality, all of the negative hype about hunters just doesn’t hold water when you take a look at the facts. The Kids Hunting for a Cure (KHFAC) program clearly illustrates my point and this nonprofit organization composed of hunters does not sit around and complain with celebrities about problems. Instead it brings people together and provides solutions through volunteer and charitable contributions. Hunters like Dr. John Waples, who is the Program Director of the Clearview Cancer Institute, for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program and Dave Norval (Super Dave) a U.S. Army Veteran use hunting to help people with illnesses. The KHFAC organizes and holds hunting events that encourage kids to breakaway from the video games and to get outside to enjoy the outdoors.

These hunts usually begin with a cookout that brings children, guides and sponsors together for an auction and entertainment from country music singers like Troy Gentry. Hunting land is donated from members of the local community and guides take young kids on a hunt. Last year over $55,000 dollars was raised from a deer hunt alone and more than 100 whitetails were tagged by young hunters. KHFAC donates a minimum of 51% of its proceeds to St. Jude’s Children Hospital and up to a maximum of 49% of its proceeds to local research hospitals and foundations.

Bbz3The primary goals of KHFAC are to raise money to help people in need and to promote hunting and the outdoors among today’s youth. If you would like to get involved or start a local charter of your own you can visit the KHFAC website at Organizations like these show how the heritage of hunting can bring people together to help solve problems and to make society a better place to live. I would like to thank Dr. John Waples, Dave Norval, Dr. Clifton Higgins and other members of the KHFAC program for all of their hard work and dedication for this very worthy cause.

-Travis Faulkner