Deer hunters today have easy access to high-tech gear that give us an edge in the field. However, even with laser rangefinders, digital trail cameras, GPS units, insulated clothing and boots, we still get our butts whipped in the woods. Now imagine trying to take a whitetail with just what the good Lord gave us and without all the gear we have at our fingertips. With that in mind, take a look at some of the pictures I recently received that have been making the rounds on the internet. You may have already seen these pics, but think for a moment about the skill and stealth that it takes for animals like these to survive. 6323

In one photo, you can clearly see that a large gator was able to ambush and take a deer with no problem. It’s also impressive to see just how easy the gator can swim through the water with the heavy deer clutched in its massive maw. In the past, I have always been fascinated with predators, especially cats like mountain lions, lynx and bobcats. These four-legged critters really put the “S” in stealth and are able to move through the woods like ghosts. In most cases, animals that fall victim to these cats never really know what hit them until it’s too late.

6333 On that note, I wonder just how many deer that the big mountain lion ate during its reign in the wild. From the looks of the cat’s bulging belly, it doesn’t look like it missed too many meals. Let us know if any of you have any information regarding these incredible shots.

—Travis Faulkner