The Big Buck Zone is fortunate enough to receive numerous photos of trophy bucks, giant bucks and just plain bizarre-looking bucks. Tony Wilkins e-mailed us a photo of a cool-looking buck that fits into the latter category. Here’s Tony’s tale of his white-faced freak.

—Gerry Bethge

White_faced_deer I was actually done hunting for the day when I decided to sit on the edge of a large thorn thicket waiting on my son to return from his stand so that we could go to camp. I saw a doe bounding from the thicket and knew from years of hunting that she was acting as if something was pushing her. I raised my gun in preparation for what was to come and guess I was in the right place at the right time. The buck stepped out, nose to the ground, not 20 yards from me. The deer is a 29-point and in addition to the white streak across his nose, had four stocking-white feet.