427b Some hunters prefer a buck with long symmetrical even points that make the perfect typical rack. While others dream about non-typical bucks with thick headgear sporting kicker points, a lot of trash and even drop tines. As for me, just about any type of big whitetail rack can kick my adrenalin and heartbeat into overdrive. However, for whatever reason, I love looking at bucks with odd or unusual racks that have some type of distinguishing characteristic that separates them from others. With that being said, checkout this highly unusual buck that I dropped during an October muzzleloader season a few years ago.
When I shot this unique buck it was making a rub on a cedar tree on the next ridge over from my stand and it appeared to have a typical rack with four nice points on its left side. However, upon recovery I was floored by the opposite side of its rack. It only had one long main beam with no points. In fact, the main beam measures right at 23 inches in length and looks like a medieval knight’s lance used during jousting matches. I guarantee this mountain buck was bad news in a fight with no eye guards or other points on its lance-like main beam. This buck also has bases that measure well over seven inches on its massive chocolate colored rack, but only has five total points. My friends named this unusual deer the “jousting buck” and out of the 28 whitetails I have in my trophy room this strange racked bruiser gets most of the questions.—Travis Faulkner