8c75 Over the years, I have seen some pretty wild looking whitetail buck racks, but nothing like the headgear on these two bruisers. Both of these bucks have an extra brow-tine or point located smack dab in the middle of their racks—like unicorns from some mythical fairy tale. The first buck was taken by Johnny Anderson during gun season and sported a total of 18 points with all of the kickers, stickers and trash on its massive rack. This giant field dressed just over 210 pounds and was taken on a spot-and-stalk hunt in November right on the Tennessee and Kentucky state line. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have this unique rack hanging on my wall.
8c73 Hunter Rocky Moses took the second buck and it also has a strange point located right in the middle of its rack. Moses had hunted hard for five days in a row with little to no success and was close to passing up the last evening of gun season. Fortunately, he decided to give it one more try and was rewarded with this unusual buck on a hunt in southeastern Kentucky. The perfect 8-point rack matches up evenly on both sides with the one odd point in the middle. I really enjoyed looking at both of these strange-racked whitetails and would love to add a buck like either of these to my collection.
-Travis Faulkner