Whatthebuck2 Nebraska doesn’t receive the big buck coverage like its neighbors Iowa and Kansas, but it does have the right stuff when it comes to growing big whitetails. This photo made it into my inbox earlier this year and certainly represents why you would want to take a second look at the Husker state for a big whitetail.

If you have information to add to this photo, please send it in. According to the attached information, this bruiser was shot north of Grand Island near the small town of Wolbach. The name of the hunter on the E-mail was Matt Steenson, but the E-mail lacked a score. It doesn’t matter. This buck scores enough! It’s most unusual characteristic is the fact that it sports a typical antler on the right side and a bizarre, double main beam nontypical antler on the left.

Nebraska claims several nationally known bucks including the Del Austin buck, which held the world record for a nontypical bowkill for decades with a score of 279 7/8 inches. You might also recall a famous pair of matching sheds found in Nebraska dubbed “The General.” Had these sheds been on a deer taken during a legal hunting season, they easily could have been a new world record with an estimated score of more than 218 inches. If that’s not enough to sell you, in 1983 hunter Vernon Virka downed a 199 5/8 typical whitetail so Nebraska definitely deserves a long second look.—Mark Kayser