I always amazes me how hunting-show cameraman can capture amazing footage capable of putting all of us right in the stand with them.

7b Longtime hunter LJ Planer works full time as a cameraman and does video work for shows like Higher Ground Outdoors and Realtree Monster Bucks. Poor old LJ is on the road filming hunts from about August to the end of January during deer season and he also stays in the woods with his camera during turkey season as well. With this hectic and demanding schedule, LJ Planer has to make the most out of his limited personal hunting time in the stand.

7c Last season, with only three days to hunt, Planer nailed a giant 150-class, 10-point from a small hunting area near his home in Tennessee. Consequently, Planer utilized a network of trail cameras to do a lot of his scouting between trips on the road filming. He managed to capture pictures of several deer with two shooter bucks visiting an acorn flat. Planer snuck into the area and sprayed the ground and surrounding vegetation near his stand with Fat Factor from Wildlife Solutions. Over the course of the three-day period, Planner had a couple of encounters with the 10-point, but was unable to get a shot. On the last evening, with several small bucks under his stand he heard some grunting off in the distance. The high-racked 10-point he had been seeing on his trail-cam busted out of the brush and ran the smaller bucks out of the area. Finally, the buck he had been hoping to draw back on returned to the oak flat and began eating the white oak acorns. For what seemed to be an eternity, Planer patiently watched the long-tined giant feed beneath his stand. Then the buck made the fatal mistake of turning where Planer could get a shot. 7e A loud smack from the impact of the arrow signaled the end of a great hunt and short season for a dedicated cameraman. Planer’s buck had a perfect 10-point rack with 11-inch G3’s and scored around 150. Awesome hunt LJ and keep up the good work running the camera this season.—Travis Faulkner