100_0775 Many of the Blue-Collar Bucks articles focus on everyday hunters who make personal sacrifices to climb in the treestand during the fall to hunt regardless of how tired they are or how bad the weather is on their days off. Jeff Lovan is a prime example of a working hunter with a very demanding schedule that makes it extremely tough for him to hunt back in his home state of Missouri. Lovan started out working as a hunting guide who chased turkeys in the deep south and pursued whitetails in the fabled Midwest states. Currently, he is a professional cameraman who works side by side with Hunter’s Specialties pro staff member Alex Rutledge.
Consequently, his working career has kept him in the woods, but ironically most of his hunts have occurred without a bow or gun. Lovan is an excellent hunting guide who takes a lot of pride in setting up other hunters and filming hunts on the road. However, he still loves to climb in the stand every chance he gets for himself. Last December, Lovan had only one day off to hunt back in his home state of Missouri, but unfortunately bad weather had moved into the area. Lovan faced high winds, bone-chilling temperatures, and freezing rain when he reached his treestand about an hour before daylight.
After getting soaking wet and numb, Lovan picked up movement just below his stand. It was a heavy-racked 10-point following a yearling doe and another small 6-point buck. At this point, Lovan forgot all about the cold weather and began to focus on the trophy-buck in hot pursuit of the young doe. Quickly, he centered his pin on the sweet spot and let an arrow fly that would end his Missouri season on a positive note. As a deer hunter who also works full time, I love hearing stories where a hunter overcomes adversity and finds a way to get the job done. Congratulations Jeff on an outstanding late-season hunt during bad weather conditions. Way to stick with it!—Travis Faulkner