Just when you think that you’ve had the most unbelievable deer season of your life, along comes a guy like Michael Tveraas of Essex Jct., Vt. Tveraas hunted exactly 11 days last fall and shot, now get this, exactly 11 bucks! Here are the highlights in his own words:

2c4_2 Buck 1: “In early October, I was in the high peaks of Adirondack State Forest in New York. At 5:30 one day, a 200-plus pound big buck silently walked down a trail to within four yards of me. I used all my strength to pull back my bow, took careful aim and let the arrow fly. The buck turned and went 30 yards before dropping. Since I was to weak to take him out (Tveraas suffers from a medical condition), I went back to camp and got a friend who lived nearby to help.”

2c5 Buck 2: “Two weeks later during the opening of New York’s firearm season, I returned to camp. Just as I arrived at my intended location I saw a buck pawing the ground just a few yards from where I had arrowed the first buck. I immediately knelt down, flipped open my scope caps and noticed the buck had seen me. Suddenly the deer lowered its head and charged me at full throttle. I flipped off the safety and dropped him at seven yards directly in front of me. With my heart pounding and head reeling, I stood over this 200-pound buck in total amazement of what had just transpired.”

2c2 Buck 3: “A week later I was visiting my friends Larry & Walter Martin in Dryde,n Ontario. They planned on showing me a good area to hunt on opening day and leave me so they could hunt with the rest of their party. Being too weak to walk far, I did not want to be a burden to them. The next day we got up and Larry left me in my four-wheel drive vehicle near a clear cut. I was not feeling well. I started to stalk the downwind side of the clear cut just inside the woods and snuck up to a beautiful 12-point buck. I hesitated to shoot because I promised my buddies I would not shoot the first deer I saw, but the buck stood in front of me at 15 yards away staring right at me. I shot him in the neck with my A-bolt .243 and he dropped without taking another breath.”

2c1_3 Buck 4: “I was in Iowa on the opening of deer season a few weeks later. I knew I could not walk far since my condition was worsening. I decided to stalk no more than one mile during the day and sit and rest most of the time while sneaking trough the timber on the far end of my friend’s property. In the morning I reluctantly let four 160-class bucks walk as I knew there was a huge buck around from the sign I observed while spring turkey hunting. Then while stalking slowly through the timber on my way back to my vehicle, I spotted the buck I was looking for, browsing with four doe beside him. I knelt down & crawled to within 45 yards and just as he was starting to notice me, I took him with a double-lung shot.”

What a season Michael! Congratulations—Gerry Bethge