5f Without question, hunting is not something that is reserved only for fathers and sons. More and more dads are taking their daughters into the field each season to enjoy the great outdoors and to strengthen family bonds. A lot of girls have a knack for hunting and the ladies can sometimes make the guys look bad, by tagging a bigger buck or shooting more turkeys. Take a look at nine-year-old Morgan Michels who smoked this nice eight-point buck last season on a hunt with her grandparents Dave and Carman Forbes of Hunter’s Specialties. Young Morgan has become quite the hunter and she loves spending time with her family in the woods.

60 Morgan took her first buck last season in the stand with her grandfather on a Missouri gun hunt. This sharp-shooting little girl made a perfect shot with her Thompson Center .223 rifle right in front of her proud grandfather. Last spring Michels also dropped the hammer on a huge Missouri longbeard with her grandmother Carman Forbes to follow up her deer hunt. I would like to thank the Forbes family for setting a good example by showing how hunting together can keep a family close and that young girls are not excluded from enjoying the outdoors. By the way, you can checkout both of Morgan’s hunts on the Primetime Bucks 12 and Cuttin’and Struttin’ DVDs. Congratulations Morgan on a terrific hunting season. —Travis Faulkner