_5adf Unfortunately, the closest a lot of today’s youth have ever been to a whitetail deer is about three feet away from the television screen while playing the video game “Deer Hunter.” However, if an adult would take the time to introduce these kids to the splendor and natural beauty of the outdoors all of that could change. In fact, it only takes a few trips in the woods to shape and mold a true hunter. Just ask5ae1 9-year old Preston Phillips from Oklahoma, who has been mesmerized by the outdoors from the time he was able to walk. This kid has no problem with getting up super early on Saturday morning or staying until dark in the treestand during deer season.

5ae2 Preston’s father John Phillips gave him the best gift any father could ever give a son. Passing on a legacy and a true love of the outdoors represents a gift that can build strong family bonds and have a positive impact throughout a person’s life. When Preston was 8-years old he dropped his first deer and he even had the willpower to pass on four different bucks. Last season, Preston’s patience paid off and he was able to smoke four really nice deer with his rifle. 5ae3 This young man has turned into a die-hard hunter who loves chasing spring longbeards and hog headed bucks during the fall. Preston’s entire family lives the hunting lifestyle and without question their undying love for the outdoors has kept them extremely close. Congratulations Preston Phillips on a remarkable season and I hope you tag a monster this fall. Keep hunting hard!—Travis Faulkner