Dscf0055 If you’re a frequent BBZ visitor, you may have seen this photo before, however, we’re still trying to get some solid information on this seemingly legit photo of some giant whitetails.

No doubt, whitetail hunting is good in Iowa. I hope this gentleman didn’t accumulate this pile of bucks on his own. The tag line that came to me with this image is as follows. “That is a lot of venison. Fourteen tags, three days, 1 square mile in Iowa.”

All I can say is that they may want to let that section of land rest for next year and cook some chislic to remember the good old days. For those of you who don’t know what chislic is, it’s cubed venison, seasoned and deep fried in oil. Ummm, ummm good!

In most of the areas I’ve hunted, including the Hawkeye state, killing this many deer from a section of land would be considered overkill. Since I don’t know the facts I’m not going to lambaste this hunter or his buddies. Millions of hunters still get together and enjoy the camaraderie and deer camp atmosphere, as much as the opportunity to take a trophy. And let’s not forget the chislic. These guys have a pile of chislic opportunities.

The Iowa Department of Economic Development and Travel use the slogan, “Iowa, life changing.” This many deer in a trailer is definitely a life-changing event; at least until the last chunk of chislic is wrapped and ready for the freezer.—Mark Kayser