World_record_whitetail If I had a nickel for every world record whitetail claim that appeared on my computer I’d have enough money to … maybe fill my diesel pickup … at least halfway. Here we go again. You decide. Is this buck the new world record or another tall tale; possibly even a hoax? Okay, not much doubt with this one and you’ve got to admit this guy has a sense of humor—whoever went to the trouble of building this set of antlers was quite an engineer, but had way too much time on his or her hands.

The whitetail buck posted here came with a great story.

“Supposedly this deer tore down a trailer house, wrecked two Chevy ¾-tons, and killed a Brimmer bull, a pet burro, a pulpwood hauler and six coon hounds in the last two weeks alone. They said he was in a fierce fight with a Bigfoot when he was shot, but this ain’t true because the Bigfoot already had left the hog pen before Cletus snuck in trying to take Bigfoot’s picture. The Department of Homeland Security is trying to give Cletus a surplus hurricane trailer house to replace the one that was destroyed.”

Hey, it could be true.—Mark Kayser