I know I’m not alone when I say that I just LOVE non-typical racks. Put Milo Hansen’s world record typical buck next to Tony Lovstuen’s 322-plus non-typical and I’m whacking Tony’s buck every day of the week. Here are three pretty cool non-typicals that found their way into my inbox that I thought you Zoners might like to have a look at.

Ernie_buck Ernie Henry Sr shot this corkscrew non-typical on the second day of rifle season Pennsylvania. Henry dropped the buck at 200 yards on a dead run—that’s pretty good shooting. The 12-pointer had a 21-inch spread and a unique 18-inch corkscrew droptine. Unofficial score was 156 7/8. Wonder what crazy happenstance caused that whacked-out point?

100_0233 Dr. Chris Robinson took this crazy-antlered specimen while hunting in Houston County, Alabama last November. Ironically, Robinson passed on the deer two years ago and has trail camera pics from last summer. With 14 scorable points, this gnarly-horned monster grossed 155 points.

32_pt_buck_1 Overall, though, Wisconsin’s Casey Heine might have them all beat. The 22-year-old has been bowhunting for 10 years and dearly wanted a buck for the wall. On September 28th, he got his wish. Heine was posting a fenceline along a beanfield when this buck came trotting by with a smaller forkhorn. Heine bleated with his mouth, stopping the buck. The double-lunged buck ran 75 yards before tipping over. It’s sort of difficult to count the number of points just by looking at this photo so we’ll have to take Casey’s word for it—there are 32! The giant scored over 200 non-typical points.

Have an awesome non-typical to show off? We’d love to see it! Just e-mail us at—Gerry Bethge