7037 7039 Just like clockwork every season some lucky hunter hauls in a monster that looks like it’s wearing a rocking chair on its head. Hunters gather around the tailgate of the truck to gawk and stare with envy at the long-tined giant. A lot of people are impressed with the hunter and often blown away at the sight of such an amazing buck. However, in many cases, the hunter who tagged this bruiser has never taken any other trophy-class bucks. You hear stories all the time about the guy who was dropped off by his buddies in a place that nobody else wanted to hunt and ended up tagging a bruiser with intimidating headgear. I also love the one about the hunter who decided it was too cold to hunt and on his way back to the truck shoots a Boone and Crockett buck not 30 yards from where he was parked.

703a7038_2 These unbelievable hunts usually involve hunters who had never scouted during the pre-season and didn’t even know the buck was in the area. Undoubtedly, there can be a lot of luck involved in deer hunting and some hunters should really consider playing the lottery during the fall as well. Like most of you, I also enjoy looking at big bucks at the check-in station, but I am more impressed by hunters who consistently tag giants season after season. These are usually the hunters who stay in the woods throughout the year and chase big bucks with a passion. I am talking about the hunters who eat, sleep, and breath big bucks 365 days out of the year. If you want to reach consistency in the deer woods you have to pay your dues and put the time in. This means dedication and intensive scouting during the off-season.

703c( 703b_2 As mentioned earlier in some of my articles, the late summer months are a great time to jumpstart your season with some high-impact scouting strategies. Hanging trail cameras near early-season food sources, watering holes, and mineral sites can pay off big with detailed information about bucks in your hunting area. Checkout these trail camera pictures from Jason Harvison and Larry Marcum of some impressive bucks from Tennessee and Kentucky. Both of these hunters stay locked in a 365 day schedule that revolves around locating and patterning big bucks. Take it from these guys and start scouting right now for the upcoming season. There is nothing wrong with a little luck, but consistency can only be reached by hunters who stay in the woods and make things happen. By the way, I am sure if Jason or Larry needs any help hunting these top-heavy bucks this season some of us will gladly give them a hand. Keep us posted on the BBZ about your progress with these two studs this year.—Travis Faulkner