130 As a young boy growing up in the country, I always had a few long-eared beagles or a couple of squirrel dogs lying around the yard. There were few other houses around, but occasionally my dogs would return home with some very unusual items. I have found everything from worn out boots to stuffed animals and once my best tree dog even brought home a tomato plant that had been ripped out of some farmer’s garden. Unfortunately, throughout my childhood not one of my dogs ever dragged anything back home that I needed. However, I received an email from a friend a couple of nights ago that contained some amazing photos of a dog that had retrieved every deer hunter’s dream.

12f In fact, I was ready to move in next door after looking at what her dog had fetched from behind her house. Without a doubt, a retriever named “Dog” had carried one of the biggest sheds I have ever seen out of a small section of woods. A few months ago, my friend’s uncle found a second shed from the same buck just a couple of miles down the road. You might need to reach down and check your pulse if seeing these great sheds doesn’t make you want to climb into a treestand right now. As for me, I am ready to get down on my knees and beg for permission to hunt this area on opening day. Let’s face it, somebody needs to be ethical and put this poor old bruiser out of his misery. You know it has to be tough on a buck toting a 20-point rack that heavy around in the woods everyday!—Travis Faulkner