8a4e 8a4f Occasionally, everything in the deer woods will fall into place and work out for a hunter. Sometimes nailing a trophy buck’s pattern, finding the ideal treestand setup, and catching the perfect wind just happens. Unfortunately, there are generally more heartaches with bowhunting than success stories. Anyone who has ever climbed into a tree knows that there are about a million things that can go wrong during a typical bow hunt. Swirling winds, outside hunting pressure, pattern changes, and yardage issues are just a few factors that can completely eliminate a shot opportunity during a typical season. On that note, can you imagine experiencing a week of bowhunting in which every move you made was the right one?

8a50 Pat Reeve experienced the closest thing to a perfect week of bowhunting as anyone can get. Reeve was able to tag three giant velvet bucks in less than a week to kick off his season. The first whitetail buck was taken during an early-season hunt in North Dakota and was followed by a second 150-class bruiser. Reeve finished off the week by tagging a giant 190-class mule deer while hunting off the ground with no blind. To make things even sweeter, all three bucks are sporting thick velvet covered racks. With good fortune like that, Reeve should have probably bought a lottery ticket on his way home! Congratulations Pat on a phenomenal week of hunting.—Travis Faulkner