1e The Big Buck Zoneis all about sharing stories along with hard-hitting information about our passion for deer hunting. Massive headgear, drop-tines and kicker points can really kick our adrenalin levels into overdrive, but it’s a love for hunting in general that keeps us glued to our computers and the BBZ even during the off-season. With the BBZ, I’ve enjoyed hunting down information about monster bucks, unique stories, and sharing cutting-edge tactics with all of you. One of my favorite things about the BBZ is being able to talk, one-on-one, with other hunters about anything that is related to deer hunting. Recently, I received an email about a successful early season hunt from a fellow BBZ addict named “Big Buck Joe.”

Joe routinely posts comments on the BBZ and he has already laid a nice 10-point down with his bow only six days into the season. The hunt started when he came home for lunch on Friday and decided to climb into a stand behind his house. It had just stopped raining and the cool overcast weather made it a perfect evening to connect with an early-season bruiser. After only five minutes in the stand, Joe’s buck steps out of the shadows and slowly begins working toward a cleared shooting lane. Finally, the buck turned broadside and Joe let an arrow fly that would jumpstart his season. Joe and his friend found the buck piled up only 15 yards from his stand ending an awesome early-season hunt. Congratulations Joe on your buck and thanks for sharing the story with all of us on the BBZ. I would like everyone who reads the BBZ to send any personal hunting stories they have to the website and keep the comments coming.—Travis Faulkner