64 Recently, we received an email on the BBZ from Scott Williamson, which contained some photos of a giant Iowa monster that should really get your heart pumping. The buck’s massive rack is coated in thick velvet and it looks like this bruiser is top-heavy. We all know that field judging a buck can be tricky, especially in the heat of the moment when your adrenalin can make a 140-class rack look more like a 160. It can also be tough to estimate the size of a rack when the buck is sneaking through wooded cover or is standing at a weird angle. As a hunter, I’ve always been amazed how much bigger a buck looks when he is walking away from the stand. I have passed on several nice bucks during the early-season that had me second guessing my decision as they slowly walked away.

65 However, one of the toughest racks to judge and score in the field would have to be a buck in full velvet. With that being said, take a few minutes to study these two trail-cam pictures and let me know what you think this Iowa hog would score. Without question, if this big boy walked by my stand you better believe an arrow would be headed his way. Thanks for the pictures Scott and good luck connecting with this giant when season kicks into full swing. In my book, this buck is a shooter regardless of what he will score.—Travis Faulkner