7f An encounter with a true buck of a lifetime is something that a lot of good deer hunters never experience. With that being said, can you imagine getting two chances at a giant non-typical buck that scores over 260 during the same trip? Ben Brogle of Kentucky was able to tag a monster 39-point buck that looked like it was wearing a woodshed on top of its head. He had been hunting two trophy-class bruisers hard throughout the 2002 season and was finally able to cross paths with his dream buck one cool November evening. On the way to the stand, Brogle picked up movement to the right of a fresh cut cornfield and was able to quickly maneuver around to get a shot as the buck retreated back into the thick cover.

7e Unfortunately, he missed the first shot and feelings of pure frustration and disappointment flooded his mind. Instead of throwing in the towel, Brogle decided to circle around and change locations. He was hoping to intercept the heavy-racked monster at another crossing later that evening. After missing a buck of a lifetime, it would be really easy to go home aggravated and sit around feeling sorry for yourself. However, Brogle’s decision to stick with it paid off with a second shot opportunity at the biggest buck he had ever encountered. Just before dark, the big boy stepped into a clearing and one gentle squeeze of the trigger changed this hunter’s life forever. This unbelievable buck carried 39 points and scored 260 1/8. Just looking at this deer kicks my adrenalin into overdrive and makes me want to thank God that I’m a deer hunter. Congratulations Ben on a phenomenal buck and good luck this season. I think it’s going to be tough to top this bad boy!—Travis Faulkner