Aug_23rd_2008_232 I know it’s still hot and miserable across most parts of the country, but things are a lot more tolerable when you know opening day is just around the corner. For the last couple of months, I’ve been super busy shooting my bow, hanging trail cameras and glassing fields during the late evening hours. Hopefully, this weekend I will be able to cut some more shooting lanes and hang the last of my treestands. Pre-season preparation can be a lot like work and sometimes the heat along with biting mosquitoes can really get you down. However, I’ve been fired-up and ready to rock since the end of turkey season and I can’t wait to hit the woods wide open on opening day.

Deer_camera_2008_069 This is especially true after receiving an email from Jimmy Rhodus that contained trail cam pictures of two velvet studs. Rhodus tagged an unbelievable early-season buck last year and it looks like he may be able to punch a hole in another giant this fall. Staring at these photos (camera dates are not programmed correctly) for a few minutes will probably give you all the motivation you need to kick your season off right. Isn’t it funny how a massive racked buck can be all it takes to make a grown man feel like a little kid the night before Christmas? I don’t know if I can wait too much longer to climb in the stand and opening day can’t get here fast enough. Thanks Jimmy for sharing these awesome pictures and keep us posted on your progress with these two monsters.—Travis Faulkner