Mark Kayser and Tom Huebner with non-typical Tom arrowed, copyright Mark Kayser Remember the trail camera photos and my upbeat enthusiasm for my upcoming bowhunt on an earlier blog? Well I tried to be the nice guy and I finished last … at least so far. How did I finish last? I arrived at our hunting property a day early and put up a couple stands to start the hunt. To insure I always had a place to hunt I made sure each stand was good for a morning or evening hunt.

My hunting partner, Tom, arrived late that evening so the next morning I told him to pick which stand he’d like to hunt. He and the others hunting the property had six stands up and ready to hunt, plus the two I had just set. He decided to sit one of the stands I had just placed and in my mind it was the better of the two. Knowing that it still takes a little luck to score I told him to go ahead and bid him good luck.

At mid-morning he was already on the way to my parked truck beaming like a school kid wearing a new pair of tennis shoes. “I shot the big one,” he exclaimed. “He’s a non-typical and has extra points. I don’t know how big he is, but he’s big!”

Tom thought he might have hit the buck a little far back and he slipped out without looking for blood or his arrow. I suggested we wait at least six to seven hours to insure the buck would be dead in case of a gut-shot scenario.

After a look around the property, a light lunch and a six-hour wait, we started tracking. We found his arrow immediately and the evidence showed we were right in waiting. Unfortunately there was little blood so to make sure we didn’t lose the buck, I sent Tom around the front of each block of cover I eased through looking for clues. At the end of the second parcel of property I stumbled on the buck and it appeared he had just expired.

Tom was as relieved as an amateur bull rider at the sound of the eight-second buzzer. The buck was a shooter with a 6×7 frame that grossed nearly 150-inches. To make the story even better, consider this. It was Tom’s first day in a stand this season and his first buck ever with a bow. Congratulations and next time, stay out of my stand!

BW, Mark Kayser with bowkilled whitetail, copyright Mark Kayser UPDATE
In the waning hours of my hunt the winds shifted (literally) and I was able to take a good buck with my bow. A large front hit the prairies earlier this week and with it high winds and rain pelted the property we were hunting. Even so, the bucks were on the prowl with rutting on their mind. I grunted in a small buck and then a nice 5×5 appeared, but on the wrong trail. I sent him a message with my Hunter’s Specialties True Talker grunt call and the buck turned on a dime. He stopped to investigate some HS Estrus Plus scent I sprinkled on the ground, but was quartering to me. Finally, he turned broadside right under my stand and I let the arrow fly. It drove straight through his vitals and he tipped over in sight less than 80 yards from my stand. Get those calls and scents out. It’s time for action!—Mark Kayser