127_2 There is no doubt that a buck packing a rocking chair on its head with kicker points and a lot of trash hanging off the rack is enough to make any hunter’s heart skip a beat. The bruiser on this week’s Big Buck Profile we nicknamed “Freak Nasty” has the kind of headgear that can make your heart go into cardiac arrest. Just looking at this giant makes me want to call 911. I guarantee at first glance you’re probably thinking this bad boy had to be taken in one of the fabled big buck states like Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, or one of the Canadian Provinces. Unfortunately, you would be dead wrong with any of those educated guesses. Don’t feel too bad, because I thought the same thing when I first laid eyes on this monster.
12a_2 However, the buck was actually taken in south Mississippi near the Louisiana state line by a hunter named Jay Mitchell. On this particular hunt, Mitchell was chasing whitetails on his family farm in Carroll County when the Godzilla of whitetail bucks walked into a cleared shooting lane. This unbelievable buck has a total of 18 points and gross scores 184 inches. Consequently, one year of growth made a dramatic difference in rack size with “Freak Nasty.” In fact, the buck’s sheds from last year were a main frame 10-point with forked G2’s and only scored 163. It’s amazing how much a rack can grow from one year to the next under the right conditions. The pictures of this buck will undoubtedly be keeping me up late at night for the next few weeks. Congratulations Jay on a phenomenal buck!—Travis Faulkner