Ed2 Big bucks make any hunt better, especially if your arrow or bullet connects
with a giant. During the chase, great hunting partners can also help boost a
so-so hunt to a great hunt and if you go outfitted, choosing the right
outfitter is a critical choice. I do my share of outfitted hunts each season
more out of necessity than by desire. My nonstop filming schedule keeps me
hopping from location to location and by working with outfitters I can
assure myself I’ll have good prospects for success and a show.

I can recall one Canadian hunt where I was treated like dirt by a guide and
I never gave that outfitter any publicity because of the treatment, but I
just finished a pronghorn hunt with the type of outfitters who deserve a pat
on the back because of their hard work home-style hunting camp.

Scott and Angie Denny operate Table Mountain Outfitters
( in Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and
Idaho. They outfit for pronghorn, elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion
and of course, whitetail. My pronghorn bowhunt was perfect right down to the
trophy buck I shot only after 1 ½ days of hunting. Back at camp they shared
with me some whitetail adventures and last season, client Ed Smith enjoyed
the camp and left with the buck of a lifetime.

Scott and Angie nicknamed Ed and his friend George “Grumpy Old Men” for
their nonstop nature of razzing each other. Angie said the razzing and
joking was almost too much as the duo was constantly on the edge of spooking
bucks from their antics. George had filled his tag, but continued to scout
for Ed. Late in the hunt Scott and George slipped away to watch some river
breaks while Angie and Ed watched a picked cornfield. During the wait, a big
buck slipped out of the cornfield, but dashed back in without a shooting
opportunity. Angie instructed Ed to wait and watch as she snuck off to get
Scott. When everyone returned the buck was nowhere to be seen, but a doe fed
calmly more than 300 yards away on the field.

Knowing the buck could return any second, the Grumpy Old Men kept quiet and
as often happens during the rut, the giant buck returned to check the doe.
Ed settled in on the buck and pulled off an incredible 350-yard shot to
ground the 170-inch giant. Ed was already having a great hunt, but the big
buck made it unforgettable.—Mark Kayser