Bbz A few weeks ago, legendary bowhunter “Spook” Span connected with another long-tined bruiser. Most of you probably remember the 230-class giant he smoked last season in Kansas that was featured on the Big Buck Zone, a few months ago. In fact, Spook was able to stick two giants that year with his bow, one in Iowa and one in Kansas, within days of each other. Wouldn’t it be nice to lay down 430 inches of antler during the same week? What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that both hunts were self-guided and 100% fair chase. 

It seems that Spook has no intentions of slowing down this year and has already punched one of his buck tags in the Volunteer State of Tennessee. With a few remaining minutes of daylight, this high-racked monster stepped out of a heavily wooded area and slowly began working its way up the field edge. Finally, the buck presented Spook with the right angle to take the shot. One gentle squeeze of the release trigger sent an arrow screaming toward the big boy’s sweet spot. A loud smack echoed across the open field as the arrow collided into the buck’s kill zone. He made a perfect hit and didn’t have to track his trophy very far. Way to kick off the season Spook and be sure to keep all of us posted on the BBZ as to how the rest of your year goes.—Travis Faulkner